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Troll of Abundance

Troll of Abundance

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Attract Abundance with the Troll of Abundance!

Are you looking to cultivate prosperity and positive energy? Our handcrafted Troll of Plenty is more than just a charming figurine.

Rooted in folklore, trolls were revered as symbols of good luck, protection, and bountiful harvests. Our Troll of Plenty embodies that essence, ready to bring positive energy and abundance into your life.

Here's how your Troll of Abundance works:

  • Wards off negativity: Place your troll near your entryway to shield your home from negative vibes, ensuring a clear path for wealth to flow in.
  • Activates abundance: The southeast corner is considered the wealth zone in Feng Shui. Position your troll here to attract prosperity and financial security.
  • Nurturing the magic: Like all magical creatures, trolls appreciate offerings! Leave a shiny coin, a beautiful crystal, or even fresh flowers to keep your Troll of Plenty happy and working their magic.
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