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Sandalwood Soap Ohli-Way 100 gm

Sandalwood Soap Ohli-Way 100 gm

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Elevate your spiritual practice with our Sandalwood Soap, expertly crafted to dissolve negative energy, break spells, and purify your aura. Formulated with the intention of promoting healing and purification, this soap is an essential addition to any esoteric toolkit.

Harnessing the sacred properties of sandalwood, this 100gm bar serves as a potent tool for spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation. Whether you're seeking to release stagnant energy, banish negativity, or restore balance to your aura, our Sandalwood Soap offers a gentle yet effective solution.

As part of our esteemed line of esoteric soaps, this product is designed for daily use and seamlessly integrates into your faith and belief system practice. Made from a vegetable base, each bar is thoughtfully infused with the essence of sandalwood to envelop you in its soothing and purifying energy.

  • Intended for breaking spells, negative energy healing, and purification
  • Crafted from a vegetable base for gentle yet effective cleansing
  • Includes a prayer card to aid in setting intentions
  • Features a charm for carrying as an extension of your practice

Size: 100 grams

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