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Cinnamon Soap Ohli-Way 100 gm

Cinnamon Soap Ohli-Way 100 gm

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Introducing our Cinnamon Soap, meticulously crafted with the intention of providing protection, fostering prosperity, and igniting passion in your life. Part of our esteemed line of esoteric soaps, this 100gm bar serves as a versatile tool for everyday use and integrates seamlessly into your faith and belief system practice.

Formulated with a vegetable base, our Cinnamon Soap harnesses the potent properties of cinnamon to create a cleansing experience that goes beyond the physical. Whether you're seeking protection from negative energies, inviting prosperity into your life, or kindling the flames of passion, this soap is designed to support your intentions and amplify your spiritual journey.

Each bar comes complete with a prayer card to help channel your intentions and a charm that serves as a tangible extension of your spiritual practice. With its rich symbolism and powerful energy, our Cinnamon Soap offers a holistic approach to cleansing and ritual, empowering you to manifest your desires and embrace a life filled with abundance and vitality.

  • Intended for protection, prosperity, and passion
  • Crafted from a vegetable base for gentle cleansing
  • Includes a prayer card for channeling intentions
  • Features a charm to carry as an extension of your practice

Size: 100 grams

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